Artist Statement

My research is highly involved with archipelago items and island life, customs and visual emotions that run through the cultural lines of Asia and the Pacific as a whole.

I work with multiple ‘woodblocks’, each time applying a wash of colour, and in many variable methods, focusing on details, I then weave these methods together so that when the painting is viewed as a whole a new visual emotion is revealed.

I build up a painting by layers. Sometimes I print using the Javanese ‘Cap’ Batik stamps.

I draw ‘Rumah Adat’, represent the ‘Living House’, use marine charts, play with coral shapes and landscape forms.

Somebody has described me as a testimony of the fast changing world of today, where past iconography and techniques are blending with modern solutions, visually recording its manifold changes.

A quieter palette can still make a lot of noise, rendering something with gentleness is visual politeness that can last, be better appreciated and respected.

Today’s life is made of so many facets and even the most populated countries on the planet have really remote locations and untouched beauty above and below the ocean’s waters.

Diversity of cultures, flora, fauna and marine life.

It’s here, and in these elements, that I find my fascination.